Do a trip with your Friends is the perfect plan to enjoy your holidays. With an excellent climate, the Costa del Sol is positioned as the ideal destination. A wide cultural offer, very great weather, rich gastronomy and leisure everywhere. Malaga has everything someone look for in a town. Who would not like to visit it?

Miami Car Hire want to make easy your travel to Malaga. For that reason, we give you some reasons to decide travel with your Friends, we explain you the benefits of choose a rent a car service and the steps you have to follow to hire a car. Do we put the first gear?

trip with friends

Why do you travel with your Friends?

When you get some age, it is normal to spend a lot of time with your couple and your family. But that is not a reason for you miss your Friends and you don´t like to spend a good time with them. Our rent a car Company knows that you need a trip to Malaga, and we tell you why you will get one of your best times ever:

  1. You will feel complete: because you don´t have to pretend or follow any rule. Your friends know you and love you as you are… It is your time!
  2. You strengthen bonds: your friendship will reinforce because you will be in a space out of your comfort area. Every activity will be an entire adventure.
  3. Remembers forever: all of you will be in a same line of thought and with the same desires. For that, every crazy thing you will do, it will remember for centuries.
  4. They will keep your secrets: What happens on the trip… It stays on the trip! Your friends don´t want to ruin your life, they only pretends spend good times together.

Opt for a rent a car without driver so nothing will ruin your plan

However, there is a clear risk in travelling with friends, and this one resides in the usual question: “Who drives the car?” or “How are we going to move?”. So that nothing spoils your trip with friends to Malaga, we advise you to opt for a car rental in Malaga capital. And you leave behind a series of concerns that could be conflicting.

  1. Forget about public transport: you will not need to follow a schedule, wait for long lines, or support delays. With your own car rental vehicle, you choose!
  2. Adaptability of seats: select the model that suits you according to the number of friends you are. Make your combinations with our minivans. Opel Zafira (7 seats), Opel Zafira Automatic (7 seats) or our Opel Vivaro minibus (9 seats).
  3. Price more than economic: the distribution of quantities is facilitated. If you put a club among everyone, there will be no monetary conflicts; especially if you opt for cheap car rental in Malaga.
  4. Assumption of mutual risks: everyone put at risk the same. It means, you will not have to be scared because the vehicle suffers some scratch… Because the car is not of any and you have the option of a full insurance cover with all the risk with the best coverage!

Car rental in Malaga: economic and simple procedure

If after this, you are looking for places to visit… Start by choosing your vehicle in Miami Car Hire! The procedure to hire cheap car in Malaga is simple:

  1. Choose your car on our website
  2. Pay only when formalizing the contract
  3. Pick up your rental car at central points: Fuengirola, Malaga Maria Zambrano train station, Malaga airport and Marbella.
  4. Enjoy your rental car throughout the province
  5. Return it to the location that best suits you

In our car rental company we are looking forward to seeing you along the coast, why not book now? We are waiting for you under Malaga sunshine…


Trips with Friends, simple pleasure and leisure with a rental car!

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