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Enjoy the route Montes de Malaga is mandatory if you are a lover of the outside activities or if you love the nature. In that route you can discover the hidden beauty in Malaga mountains. You will taste the most traditional food in the local restaurants. Also, you will know the animals that lives in the countryside of the town.

But before you go into this great adventure, you need to have in count that Natural Park Montes de Malaga is a several minutes of the city. The best way to go there is by road. So do not think about it and trust in our rent a car service.

In Miami Car Hire, we look for you find the perfect car model for your needs. For that reason, we have a wide fleet of vehicles, witch you can drive with total security.


Route Montes de Malaga, where can I go into?

Montes de Malaga are a few minutes for the town. However, it is essential to have a private car. Other option is to choose a cheap rent a car company.

To Access to the area you need to drive by the Colmenar road, or like local people know its: Carretera de Los Montes. To take this road, you have to go to Fuente Olletas and go up by A-7000. Through this way, you will start to enjoy the breath-taking sights. You will even see some raptors birds that live in the place.


What am I going to see in the route Montes de Malaga?

Although Malaga presume of being the Costa del Sol Capital because their beautiful beaches, also has a hidden face adventurous route. At few minutes from capital, you can find a complete different landscape. From the blue sea to the more pure Green of the mountain and Carrasco Pine. And if these are happen, that means you are in the natural park Montes de Malaga.

Thanks to the variety in their vegetation and wildlife, it was declared Natural Park in 1989. An area that extends by more than 4.996 hectares and where you can find innumerable activities, doing impossible to get bored. Alone or in family, trekking routes by Montes de Malaga, recreational areas, cycling roads, bird watching and banding, and basketry or mycology workshops and a lot more.

In the same way, you can enjoy the view of the different sights of Malaga from the natural viewpoints at Montes de Malaga. You can access to these viewpoints walking or driving.

From our rent a car office, we recommend you that you visit all of them:

car hire malaga

A gastronomy stop in route Montes de Malaga

Visit the Natural Park and not eat some of more popular dishes is unthinkable. Luckily, it exists a great offer of restaurants in Montes de Malaga where you can taste the best Malaga mountain gastronomy.

Between more typical are the classic Migas, la Pata de Cabrito Asada y la Berza Malagueña. And we can not forget El Plato de Los Montes, a blunt combination plate of loin in lard, chorizo with eggs, fried peppers and chips. With the best taste you can imagine.

Now you have the perfect excuse to enjoy the route Montes de Malaga, and from Miami Car Hire we encourage you to call us or visit one of our offices in Malaga, also you can ask us to drive the car to the hotel where you stay. You can not to lost their magic landscapes. We wait you!

Route Montes de Malaga: Discover the lung of the Malaga capital!

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