A cheap car rental is not easily gotten. Usually the rental car prices are high, and even more if we are close to leading dates such as Christmas or holidays. If after this period you decide to make a trip to Malaga…. You’re lucky! Because in Miami Car Hire we give you a few tips to find the cheapest car rental company and we offer a plan that you can not refuse.

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Tips to hire cheap cars in Malaga and Fuengirola

We know that you have felt enough stress this Christmas. That is why want to make it easier for you. Then, we tell you the keys to succeed in your very cheap rental car search in Malaga.

  • Analyze your needs. This first thing is to be cleat about what you need. You must plan which kind of trips you will take, which places are you interested in visiting, how many people are you and how much space you will need.
  • Shuffle different types of vehicles. It is clear that the prices depends of the kind of car that you choose, So, if you want to safe some money, you must choose a medium size car and take into account the approximate fuel consumption.
  • Check the conditions and benefits. Those offered by the rent a car. Make a thorough analysis of what is included and what is not included in the offer, the kinds of insurances, offered the prices of the additional services, the amount of the deposit requested and its subsequent return, assesses the opinions of customers who have already previously hired their services.
  • Do not forget accessibility. Delivery and collection points are essential, they will influence you trip in comfort terms. The interesting thing is that you are close to strategic points such as the airport, the train station or the port.
  • Choose the ideal date. Depending of your trip dates, the rates will be higher or lower. January is fantastic date, because you will not find huge number of tourist and the price to pay will be minimal.
  • Compare till you find the best option. There are many rent a car companies in Malaga. We accelerate this step: With Miami Car Hire you do not need to look for anything else.

cheap car hire

Why choose Miami Car Hire like cheap rent a car company in Malaga and Fuengirola?

If you travel to Malaga and desire to move freely around the city and surroundings you will need a rental car. After the January slope, may be you have a low budget, but Miami Car Hire offer to you the best benefits through a personal budget.

Do you want to know why you should choose us?:

  1. We have delivery and collection points in the parking lot of the most important areas, with “meet and greet” service: Malaga Airport, trains station Maria Zambrano RENFE, Malaga Port and Fuengirola center.
  2. We have a wide range of vehicles with different number of seats. In addition, you have the option to choose additional accessories and you can decide to pay the fuel in advance or when return of vehicle.
  3. We offer all possible benefits: you can choose between full insurance without or with liability, cover different drivers in the contrat (remember that the first additional driver is free), make the kilometers you need and, modify, cancel or extend your rental contract on the fly.
  4. Our prices are more than competitive. You will not find a car rental offer with or without bail cheaper than ours, and of course without lowering the quality of service.


Enter the new year on the right foot. With Miami Car Hire you just have to start to enjoy it. Do you start your trip with the cheapest car rental?


Overcome the January slope with a cheap car rental

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